Free promotional tool for musicians

Email notification is the most efficient way to provide information to your client. That's why we choose this method to notify music fans about new releases. If you have a band or may be you're an individual artist and you sell albums on iTunes, use our free promotional tool to increase sales on iTunes and grow your fan base. Please, read how you can do this, it's very simple and useful.

  1. At first, enter you band name and click on Search button.

    Enter your band name

  2. After that, find your band in list. Click on band name for viewing albums to be sure that current band is really yours.

    Select your band from list

  3. Click on Share button and select method to publish special link. Tip: use as much share methods as possible.

    Share special link

This special link goes to page with button to follow your band and get email notifications about new releases (and pre-orders) on iTunes.

Let's start!